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Tom Haupt is an international speaker who helps people overcome and eliminate limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are those thought processes which keep us stuck in our lives. He is a best selling author with his book: “Time Out ! Winning Strategies for Playing a Bigger Game in Life”.

While a renowned speaker, he is also a basketball coach and founder of Be Elite Basketball and a Director for AAU Australia. In this episode Tom shares his experience helping families, employees, CEOs and Multi-Millionaires, get their lives together. He says it all starts with being conscious in your life, fully awake and self aware.

Tom shares some of his success stories, but also talks about failure. His biggest belief is that we are in a constant state of either growth or decay. For him, comfort and status quo somewhat myths. His insights offer tips to help us all eliminate limiting beliefs in our lives.

A very interesting conversation which will have you questioning some of those traits which hold you back.

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Guest Tom Haupt is a best selling author and international speaker.
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