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The Lost Boy is the story of Ayik Chut Deng who shares the tales of a child soldier.

One can only begin to imagine what it would be like to wake up at age 12 and have only two thoughts go through your mind.

1) My gun is still next to me and
2) I am still alive.

This episode we hear from Ayik Chut Deng, author of The Lost Boy, who joined the Rebel Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army at the age of 12.

Imprisoned by his own tribe for attempting to run away to a refugee camp from the training camp in Ethiopia, Ayik was rounded up with other child soldiers and placed in a children’s prison, where he was dealt severe punishments.

Used as an example to others of what would happen if you run away, the child soldier came to despise his tormentor, a 17-year-old, who ran the child prison.

After 5 years in the rebels, Ayik’s sister managed to get her brother and siblings out of Sudan an into Kenya, before acquiring refugee status in Australia.

Misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia soon after leaving school, Ayik was re-diagnosed 8 years later to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Several years later in Australia Ayik bumped into his child hood prison tormentor and confronted him in a TV show called “Look Me in the Eye”.

The confrontation was a life changing experience for both men, who recognize how lucky they are to have escaped with their lives to their new place of residence, Australia.

The meeting led to the writing of the book, The Lost Boy – Tales of a child soldier.




0:00 Intro ducing Ayik Chut Deng
2:00 The book – The Lost Boy
5:25 The Sudanese War
6:35 The execution of Ayik’s brother
11:00 Child Training Camp and Child Prison
17:00 Ayik joins the rebels
19:45 Ayik’s arrival in Australia
25:00 Experiencing racism
30:25 Mental Health diagnosis PTSD
33:00 Ayik meets his tormentor
38:50 A passion for revenge
51:45 Ayik Chut Deng’s acting career




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