8 Best Sports Gift Ideas for 2023

8 Best Sports Gift Ideas for 2023
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Buying a thank you gift for a sports coach or even the fanatic in your family can feel like a challenge, but it does not have to be so.

I am Coach Craig Rowe, a content marketing coach and a basketball coach who reviews products as part of the Amazon Influencer program.

As a basketball coach I have been fortunate to receive many thoughtful gifts from athletes as a thank you for my help over the years.

So, I thought it would be only fitting to share some currently trending and popular sports gift ideas for coaches, officials and participants.

So here are my 8 best sports gift ideas so far for 2023.

I start with a unique basketball, created by And1.

The Nitegame basketball is a LED basketball that Lights up on impact.

This means die-hard basketball fans, players and athletes can play late into the night or at dusk.

The ball lights up making it easier to see it for those who want to continue playing beyond dusk.

The ball contains batteries which come pre-installed and can easily be replaced using the tool provided.

As an added bonus, And1 includes a ball pump too which is pretty cool.

While it is not the only glowing LED basketball or sports ball on the market, And1 is definitely one of the more reputable brands and this ball is a high-grade durable rubber.

It is a new spin on an old design, making it a unique and thoughtful gift for any basketball coach or basketball lover for that matter.

Coach Craig Rowe Demonstrates the And1 Nitegame LED Light Up Basketball

Similar to the And1 Nitegame Basketball, the Sportsbit Ball Pump, is somewhat of a ‘reinvention’ of the ball pump.

Its key feature is a design which helps reduce the risk of breaking the pump’s needles.

Most ball sports require a ball pump of some description to inflate equipment at both training and for games, making a pump a perfect gift idea for basketball coaches or sports coaches in general.

What makes the Sportbit pump unique is it has been designed with a cap that covers the needle which is held in place by a rubber grommet.

The design allows for more flexibility which reduces the chance the user will break the pump’s needle.

Anyone who pumps up sports equipment regularly will know you go through a lot of sports needles over time.

What is good too is despite the claim it prevents needles from breaking, the manufacturer included 5 needles, which makes you feel like you are already winning when you buy this pump.

A nice rubber grip and solid plastic build with a nice feel and ergonomic design adds ease of use.

Plus, the pump has a two-way pump action, meaning you pump up equipment both when you push in the pump and retract the pump as well.

This design makes for pumping up equipment considerably faster than a traditional pump.

The next item on the list is a Tactical LCD Coaching Board.

This LCD Tactical board is available for two of the most popular sports, soccer (football) or basketball.

It is easy for coaches to draw up plays and then use the erase button to remove what was drawn.

It is relatively lightweight and comes with a spare button battery and stylus.

It would make a unique gift for a sports coach of either of these games.

Speaking of unusual, the next pick of my best sports gift ideas is a glowing net.

This glowing net uses sunlight to activate it, making it react and glow as the sun goes down after dusk.

This is perfect for those looking to get a little more game in during the summer months when days are longer, nights are comfortable and you are not ready to stop playing.

It also works well with the AND1 Nitegame Light it Up basketball shared earlier.

My next suggestion will seem simple and affordable and that is a stainless steel Hipat Whistle.

What makes it a great gift idea for coaches and officials is, these can be engraved on with words like ‘#1 Coach’ or ‘Thank You Coach’.

Turning a cheap item into a memorable and thoughtful gift for any coach, Phys-ed teacher or official.

Now these next sports gift ideas are actually for anyone who needs some relief from the wear and tear sport and physical activity has to offer.

The first gift idea being the Revix Reusable Cold Compress for knees and large joints.

These are great for providing relief from strains and sprains, as well as to reduce inflammation and aid in recovery after activity.

The design lends itself to comfort, with embossed lines to help conform to the joint and sturdy velcro with firm elastic to keep it secure and firm against the area needing relief.

These are not only great gift ideas for the sport and fitness fanatics in your family, but also for keeping as a part of your household first aid kit.

Now depending on your level of participating in sport, those who play tournaments and tour will know the benefits of the next gift idea suggestion.

A sleep mask. The Mavogel sleep mask is a lightweight mask that comfortably conforms to your face to help you get the rest you need when travelling or touring.

Not only a great gift for sports coaches and athletes, it does of course make a thoughtful gift for just about anyone who needs to get some shut eye in an environment with some ambient light.

The sleep mask does a great job of blocking out the light and has an adjustable strap making it easily adjustable to all head sizes.

Given how lightweight and super soft it is, you won’t even know you were wearing it and it comes with a nice little carry pouch as well. Now that’s winning.

And the last of our gift ideas combines the last two products. It’s a cold compress face mask from Halos.

It may make you look like a superhero at a masquerade party, but it helps reduce the effects of headaches and also can help cool the face and head after a period of heavy activity.

The silicon enclosed compress feels like skin, making it a comfortable mask.

Again, lightweight, it only needs to be stored in a fridge or freezer for 30 minutes to give you a cool coverage for a similar period of time.

So, you can see, these are the 8 best sports gift ideas I have so far to share for 2023.

And if you were here looking for gift ideas for a sports coach or participant for that matter, then I hoped this gives you some gift ideas.

Products in the video…

  1. AND1 Nitgame LED Light Up Basketball
  2. Sportbit Pump
  3. Tactical LCD Coaching Board Basketball/Soccer
  4. Glowing Basketball Net
  5. Hipat Stainless Steel Pea Whistle
  6. Revix Knee Cold Compress Pack
  7. Mavogel Lightweight Cotton Sleep Mask
  8. Halos Cold Compress Face Mask

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