How to Organize Content Ideas and Workflow with Trello

Organize Content Ideas with Trello
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If you are a YouTuber or content creator and want to know how to organize content ideas and workflow, then here I will share my own process to improve productivity.

In this video, I demonstrate how you can use Trello project management software to create lists and cards to easily organize your content ideas.

With so many content creation tasks to perform as a solo creator, you can often lose track of the ideas and workflow when working on multiple content creation projects.

I have worked on both podcasts and YouTube channels and it was not until I improved my process of workflow that I saw my productivity improve.

The free version of Trello is enough for most content creators’ needs.

With Trello you create a board relevant to your show or channel and then you create lists which you then create cards underneath.

These cards and lists can be sorted and prioritized, giving you the flexibility to manage different things at different stages of the process.

My own workflow consists of a “Thought Bubble” list where I create cards on possible topics or content and then expand on this over time.

Each list that a card can be moved to represents a different part of the content creation process or journey.

For example, the next list might be called “Research”. followed by the next tab which might be “Title and Thumbnail”.

What you choose for the titles of your own lists is determined by your own content creation process.

Whether you produce in batches, on-the-fly, or even live-to-drive, Trello offers you a simple way to manage your content creation projects.

Having a good workflow is one of the secrets behind the success of many YouTube channels and content creators.

It is also part of the content creation process that few creators seem to talk about or share in their own content.

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