Fiskars Weed Puller Helps Maintain a Weed Free Lawn

Fiskars Weeder 4 Claw Weed Puller
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The Fiskars 4 claw weeder is a lightweight garden tool which makes removing broadleaf weeds easy, helping you maintain a weed free lawn.

The simple alloy and plastic design will allow you to push the 4 serrated prongs into the ground around the weed you wish to remove.

You place your foot on the lever at the base and pull on an angle which tightens the grip of the clamp allowing you to lever and tear the weed out of the ground.

Half way along the handle is a sliding lever which allows you to push and release the weed into a bucket or container for disposal.

It is definitely a step up from the traditional hand held weed pullers many of us grew up with, which Fiskar also sells.

There are a number of Fiskar bundles available to aid you in your efforts to maintain a weed free lawn so you can keep your property free of nuisance vegetation.

The Fiskars weeder really feels like a weapon against weeds and is a sturdy construction any avid gardener should add to their tool cupboard or garden shed.

It would make an unusual gift for gardeners or lawn lovers in your family.

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