Eyoyo Digital Magnifier Review and Demonstration

Eyoyo 5 inch digital magnifier visual aid
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The Eyoyo Digital Magnifier is a portable device to help those who have some visual impairment better navigate the world and improve their quality of life.

If you have poor or failing vision then the Eyoyo digital magnifier may improve your quality of life.

A portable handheld digital magnifier it helps people with Macular Degeneration see text easier.

With multiple modes and big bright buttons, this product is easy to operate and includes voice prompts.

It has a built-in 800×480 HD resolution screen to help you view text, photos and other objects when out and about.

A 2500mAh battery (replaceable) provides up to 4 hours working time, plus you can keep it plugged in to a power adapter if working at a fixed location and you need to use it.

It includes near and far distance mode and easily fits inside a bag to help read labels or signs etc. when out and about.

8 easy color modes and 26 normal color modes with reading lines make it an ideal tool it also has a handle to make it easier to hold and use.

It also has the ability to zoom (3x to 48x) in and out as you would expect from a digital magnifier.

The Eyoyo 5 inch digital magnifier is a nice gift or tool for people with low vision helping them to read and access information on the go or as a useful item for anyone else who may require magnification.

Other digital magnifiers can run to thousands of dollars and lack portability which makes this somewhat of a game changer.

A micro-HDMI output makes it good for plugging in to a screen, in this video it is attached to the Lenovo L27e-30 27-inch Full HD Screen.

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