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This episode’s featured guest is Associate Professor at USQ and Physiologist and co-author of the new book “When Winning Matters”.

The book was written with long time friend, former NBL Basketball Coach Rob Beveridge.

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3:00 Dean Bassett – Australian Opera Singer and Singing Coach
22:55 Paula Burgess – Beyond The Maze VA, businesswoman, author and ADHD advocate
42:15 Dr Stepehn P. Bird, PhD – Physiologist and co-author of “When Winning Matters”
1:21:00 How to “Be My Guest”?

Topics discussed included building organisational culture, goal setting, time management and setting clear roles.

He also address the importance of process and putting employees first, managing people’s needs and working with different personalities.

Professor Bird discusses his work with Sports Psycologist Dr Joanne Lukins and her goal, when, then strategy.

Birdy also share the advice his father gave him around pursuing his passion.

Advice he considered when he undertook a degree somewhat later than the average, as a mature age student.

He talks to the doors his honours degree opened for him to work with some of the best professional sports teams and athletes in the world.

He also responds to some audience questions including his 5 core keywords for building a good team culture built on the acronym T.R.U.S.T.

We were also joined by Australian Opera Singer turned singing coach, Dean Bassett.

Dean discusses the struggles for the entertainment industry during Covid.

He shares his decision to establish some facebook groups to help aspiring singers connect with singing coaches.

Mr Bassett talks about his journey from woring in the military for 10 years, to then go study musical performance at university.

The singing coach shares how he then pursued his childhood passion for singing as a career with Austalian Opera.

And Female entrepreneur, author and ADHD advocate, Paula Burgess who operates a Virtual Assistant business.

She discusses overcoming adversity when her business almost failed due to choices she made.

He offers her advice for people looking to leave employment and go into business for themselves.

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