Vade Nutrition Protein Taste Test and Review

Vade Nutrition Protein Powder Taste Test and Review
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You would think it would be hard to innovate in the space of protein powders and meal replacements, but somehow Vade Nutrition has managed to do just that.

If the brand name sounds familiar, it may be because you saw Vade Nutrition’s founders, Joe and Meghan Johnson pitch their product in episode 1007 of Shark Tank in the United States.

Two of the Sharks, Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez loved the product so much they chose to invest, and now Vade Nutrition is fast becoming a household name.

Coach Craig Rowe with his Taste Test and Product Review of Vade Nutrition Products

So, what makes Vade Nutrition Protein Powders and Meal Replacements so special?

The innovation behind the product is simple but solves several problems.

The founders developed and patented a food grade film which allows the whey and plant-based powders to be easily packaged with the correct weight and amount of nutrition.

Vade Nutrition’s Food Grade Film

The food grade film easily dissolves in liquid, making it the perfect catalyst to deliver protein powders in shake form when on the go.

As demonstrated in the video, Coach Craig Rowe shows how easily the food grade film dissolves and how soluble Vade Nutrition’s products actually are.

Another problem Vade Nutrition solves is not just measurement but portability, unlike large cans of whey protein, these are convenient for people to grab and go, without the mess and fuss usually associated with such products.

Starting with Whey Isolate based protein powders, Vade Nutrition has now evolved its product line to include Collagen + MCT oil supplement, Meal Replacements and Pre-Workout powders.

This positions the company as an industry leader in both innovative flavors and nutrition.

Flavors include favorites like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, but you can also add Cappuccino to the protein powder menu.

Then there’s Pina Colada as an option for the Collagen powder.

As far as the pre-workout goes, how about Cotton Candy or Sour Gummy Worm to tempt your palate.

As far as nutrition goes, depending upon your chosen category the products are lactose free, vegan friendly and contain much needed protein, vitamins and minerals.

Vade Nutrition not only ships in larger packs, you can also get testers which include a shaker cup.

You can check out their full range of protein powders, meal replacements, collagen + MCT oil and pre-work out supplements HERE!

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