Title Writing Tips That Will Help You REACH Your Audience

How Great Titles Grab Attention
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How do Great Titles Grab Our Attention?

There are consistent attributes or components to writing great titles and headlines.

Here I examine 6 key title writing tips that will boost your click-through rates for YouTube and podcasting as well as help with creating book titles and headlines when copywriting.

The key components of great title writing explained in the video include:

  • Clear: It is better to be clear than clever.
  • Curious: It should pique interest.
  • Relevant: It should resonate with your target audience.
  • Powerful: It should have emotional value.
  • Memorable: It should be easy to remember.
  • Fulfilling: It should fulfil a desire or need.

I expand on each component, providing clear real-world examples, and also share an example from a modernmediaschool.com podcasting course to demonstrate the approach to coming up with a great Podcast Show Title.

Once you understand the components of writing a great title, topic, or headline, you will never view a title or headline the same way again.

I also share in the video where you can get your hands on the Modern Media Makers powerful Words digital document to help you improve your titles and topics.

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