Think Like an Athlete, Succeed Like a Champion

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Associate Professor Dr Jo Lukins improves mental performance.

Want to think like an athlete, succeed like a champion? In this interview we share mental skills and tips which can help you do just that, no matter what the arena!

Dr Joann Lukins spends her day inside the heads of individuals, teams and organisations. In this Episode we cover some of the mental skills athletes require to succeed and discuss Dr Jo’s Book, The Elite, which was published in June 2019.

Dr Joann Lukins seeks to understand what makes athletes tick and assists them and teams to reach their full potential. A psychological Indiana Jones, she describes it as a truly fascinating career that she is grateful for every day.

With a PhD in Psychology, over 25 years’ experience, and a breadth of knowledge in the sport, organisational and educational domains. She delivers programs in resilience and expert performance for the Australian Defence Force.

Dr Lukins has worked with elite athletes and outstanding professionals throughout her career, giving her a unique insight into the world of success.

An Award winning lecturer in this interview she shares the tools which help athletes become champions and how to apply these same approaches to your own life to:

Think like an athlete and succeed like a champion!

Dr Joann Lukins

She says knowing she has made a difference in the lives of others is the ‘why’ of her work and the most satisfying element of her career.

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