The Power of Hypnotherapy

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This epsiode guest Alan Robinson shares how he fell into his passion for helping others through hypnotherapy.


0:00 Episode Teaser
2:00 A Family of Hypnotherapists
6:00 Teenage Addictive Behaviours
13:00 Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking
15:20 What is Hypnotism?
19:45 Hypnotherapy Approaches
25:00 The Switch Technique
36:00 Hypnotherapy For Positive Growth
39:30 NLP Approach – Boundaries

In his youth, Al describes himself as somewhat of a wild child, using drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd and detached from the education process.

A little lost in life and given an ultimatum from his father, Al made his way in the food industry, becoming a chef.

But was never too far from the “high” life that troubled his youth. As he matured he realise life had to change, but was skeptical of the family business of hypnosis.

With an inquisitive mind and nothing to lose, Alan Robinson decided to let his mother (also a hypnotherapist) work some of her magic and help him quit smoking.

After experiencing the relaxation the first hypnotherapy session had provided, Alan became hooked and started to become highly interested in hypnotherapy.

Several years later and Alan now has taken on his family trade and become a hypnotherapist in his own right.

Motivated by helping others overcome their negative behaviours through coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and of course hypnotherapy.




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