Understand Skill Progression in Basketball

Improve Skill Progression in Basketball with a Skills Matrix Coach Craig Rowe The Coach Approach
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Understanding the way in which athletes develop is extremely important in planning skill progression in basketball.

Here I share how to understand and implement progression when planning your training sessions to help athletes of various stages of development with their skill acquisition.

Here I share my insights into coaching basketball fundamentals to help beginner coaches and teachers improve their basketball athletes’ performances.

A basketball skills matrix is an overview of those things you would like to work on with your athletes to improve their knowledge and skill in the game.

Here we discuss the 3 levels of development we apply at OzSwoosh to help our athletes improve.

I will also tell you how you may get your copy of the OzSwoosh Rookies basketball skill matrix.

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0:00 Coach Craig Rowe’s Introduction
0:59 Basketball Skills Matrix
1:20 Three Levels of Development
2:55 What is mastery?
3:55 Alan Stein Jr – The Unseen Hours
4:14 Coach Kev Eastman – The On Season
4:35 The OzSwoosh Skills Matrix


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