Sharpal Knife Sharpener 6-in-1 Emergency Tool Review

Sharpal 6 in 1 Knife Sharpener and Emergency Tool
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I really like the Sharpal Knife sharpener, a 6 in 1 tool with several tricks up its sleeve.

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Not only do you get a knife sharpener you also get a fire starter and emergency whistle.

This sharpener helps you restore and hone straight and serrated blades, repairing their pitted or blunt edges.

It includes a coarse metal carbide V notch to set a new edge and a fine ceramic V notch to smoothly finish the blade similar to most 2 step sharpeners.

It also includes a diamond rod with a medium grit and groove for sharpening hooks or serrated edges.

It can be used for camping, fishing, hunting and outdoor survival use or kept at home in the kitchen for sharpening utensils.

A rubber grip helps keep fingers away from the V notches to improve safety when sharpening.

A lanyard hole is also an added feature to help you avoid losing it.

The safety whistle is high pitched and ideal for drawing attention to yourself in emergency situations or to help you stay connected with a group when hiking.

It has a solid plastic construction which one expects would withstand the test of time.

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