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This next generation Rodecaster Pro is an all-in-one production solution for podcasting, streaming, music production and content creation making it more versatile than its predecessor.

Rodecaster Pro 2 Amazon Live replay with Coach Craig Rowe

Considerable improvement has been made to features current users appreciate, along with some additional functionality which makes it more than just a mixer for podcasting.

In this share of my Amazon live walk-through, I show you all the basic features the Rode Rodecaster Pro 2 has to offer.

Before I dive in, however, I also share some features of the Rode Podmic, a broadcast quality dynamic microphone, perfect for producing podcasts and high-quality narration or voice over productions.

You can find out more in the video or click on the image above for more details.

The Rodecaster Pro II touch screen is considerably more responsive than the first version of the mixer.

You can mount the mixer on a stand, allowing you to free up space on your desk. 

The product is lighter and smaller than the original and is now powered via USB.

The channels are fully programmable to accommodate different devices being plugged in and customized layout allowing you to improve your work flow to best suit how you create.

There also appears to be forward and back shuffle buttons or “bank switching buttons” added below the programmable sound pads to help cycle through configured sound banks. A feature previously managed in the touch screen interface.

Oh, yeah and the sound pads are no longer referred to as sound pads, but rather “smart pads”. Why? Because they are programmable to help trigger events not just sound. Perfect for livestreaming and live performances etc.

Still powered by Aphex processing but with a higher degree of control and adjustments to filters like aural exciter, big bottom and compeller master leveler.

There is also a de-esser, noise gate, high pass filter and equalizer for each channel as explained and shown in my live stream.

You can make adjustments using the advanced editor, or if you want to keep it simple you can use the Vox Lab processing editor with which you can add depth, sparkle and punch. 

The Layout is noticeably different with the relocation of the record button and new headphone/monitor volume controls presented more practically with color LED corresponding to the relevant programmed channel.

A side and rear view of the Rodecaster Pro 2 shows an elevated angled touchscreen making it more visible and accessible to the user.

This is a full featured audio mixing console offering more options for more creators than ever before. 

Sleeker design, simpler user interface, more functionality and improved connectivity supporting musicians, voice over artists, live streamers, podcasters and social audio enthusiasts the world over.

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