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Description: Adjustable Mic Stand Desk with Pop Filter, Shock Mount, Microphone Clip and 5/8″ to 3/8″ Metal Screw Adapter.

About this item

  • [All-in-one combo] Professional Recording Studio Equipment with adjustable desk microphone stand, Adjustable Shock Mount, double layer Pop Filter, Screw adapter, Microphone clip. All the items in the package can meet your need for live streaming, broadcast, audio recording and more.
  • [Rock Solid] BILIONE Mic Stand Desktop made a new upgrade to Weighted Base and Metal Rod. The new version all-metal base weighs 1.5lbs, measures 5.1inches (13cm) in diameter, and has an anti-slip pad on the bottom to avoid noise when moving. We thickened the diameter of the metal rod to 0.74inches to easily support heavy microphones without falling over.
  • [Two-Screen POP Filters] The first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would; The gap in between then disperses any remaining air pressure, so by the time it passes the second screen, the blast is easily contained. Banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds that come when pronouncing the letter “S” and block those scary “plosives” that follow “B” and “P”.
  • [Excellent Shock Mount Effect] Please note the shock mount is not fit for Blue Yeti. It can protect your microphone all-around with high elasticity wrap roping design and reduce vibrations from traveling into the microphone. Suitable for mikes with a diameter of more than 1.77″/4.5cm, and Max diameter:2.05″/5.2cm.
  • [Strong Compatibility and Applicability] Package includes 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter, making it compatible with many microphones like Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, AT2020, AT2035, HyperX Quad Cast, Quad Cast S, Razer Seiren X etc. Adjustable shock mount and universal mic clip also provide more possibilities.



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