Philanthropy and Hearing Access Advocacy

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Philanthropist, Author and Motivational Speaker, Patrick Ratchford is the author of 2 books.

Stepping Stones to Success and The Start of Something Big.

In this episode he offers advice to those who feel they have lost control of their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ratchford provides motivational wisdom on how to protect yourself or mitigate future crisis.

He discusses process and how businesses have pivoted to help others in need during the crisis, recognising their corporate social responsibility.

Our second guest was Founder & CEO of Hearing Access & Innovations Inc & traveller to 198 countries, Janice S. Lintz.

Janice describes how she fell into her passion for hearing access advocacy and consults with projects and global corporations.

She has worked tirelessly to ensure people with hearing loss have access to technologies and innovations like telecoil.

Innovations that help empower people, include them and provide opportunities.

A qualified attorney, she uses some of the process learned from law to help argue for real change in the way organisations provide hearing access.

A power to help motivate global businesses to practise good corporate social responsibility.

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