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Life can be chaos and many often find it hard to navigate life’s minefield.

This week’s guests come from all different walks of life.

Guest #1 – Lt Col Chris Lozano (Ret)

Retired US Marine, Lt Col Chris Lozano has had is fair share of battles.

A veteran of 26 years’ service in the US military with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

He admits he saw terrible things and inflicted terrible things, but the guilt of the job has never been too far away.

Navigating a minefield with a team of men he led and avoiding a fatal helicopter crash had Chris dodging a bullet more than once.

Suffering depression most of his life after the loss of his father at an early age, the military provided a solution.

But upon retirement darkness always loomed, until he picked up his guitar again.

That put him on a road to recovery more than any medication could.

Chris also describes the unexpected loss of one of his sons as one of the saddest, most impactful experiences of his life.

Guest #2 – Eric Patrick Thomas

Eric was paralyzed from the neck down after a callous shooting left him with serious lifechanging injuries.

Rather than play the victim, Eric, a former Hip hop artist, decided to play the victor and became Mr Inspire.

Building a clothing brand called Inspire and advocating for self-determination for people with disabilities.

Eric shares his perspective as to whether his paralysis “happened to him or for him”.

Guest #3 – Dr Kris Sumner PhD.

Kris Sumner is a paranormal investigator, who, together with her 2 siblings and two friends, forms Soul Sisters Paranormal.

The team of investigators applied a scientific approach to try to explain unusual phenomena that occur in some places.

In the interview, she explains the use of Lazer grids, EMT meters, voice recorders, cameras, and other equipment used in the analysis.

Whether you believe in things that go bump in the night or not, taking a scientific approach to the unexplained is an objective approach.

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