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Make no mistake, a lot goes into creating content for various platforms, so to help other business owners fast-track their understanding, I decided to do a studio setup tour.

There are also many methods, equipment, and other technologies that go into producing consumable content, so showing you my studio setup may dispel some myths and inspire you to create your own office studio.

That is why I thought I would take a walk around my content creation studio and share ideas with other business owners and content creators on how you may be able to better use your own space to create content.

With Google now favoring YouTube videos in search results, having a video (and audio) content marketing strategy as a business owner has never been more important.

While many people think about Topic, title, and thumbnail before creating content.

There is no content without a place or equipment to create it.

Of course, when it comes to creating, you can create pretty much anywhere, and you can also create on something as simple as a mobile phone.

For the majority, outdoors, in a bedroom, or perhaps even your garage or a spare room in the home, is where most content gets created.

But as more and more businesses become more like media companies creating content for social platforms, the need to better use office spaces for this purpose is becoming a more popular approach.

Also, as your content becomes monetized and you start to get more followers and fans, having a dedicated space to create is often the next step in the journey of many growing content creators and businesses.

As a business owner myself, I have quite a large office, so I decided to utilize my space for the dual purposes of meeting with clients as well as creating content to build brand awareness, authority, and generate leads.

As small and medium enterprises feel the need to create content to compete for the attention of consumers, I felt it fitting to share the space I use to create content to inspire you to perhaps do the same.

In this Modern Media Makers video on my YouTube channel, not only do I share the equipment I personally use, but I share thoughts on how you may be able to adapt what you already have to improve your content.

I take you on my studio setup tour, speaking to each section and its functionality as a space to create as part of my content marketing strategy and mix.

This is the space where I film the majority of my content, including product reviews, podcasts, monologues, training content, and multi-camera livestreams for Amazon and YouTube.

Some of the tools and equipment I use and discuss in this video include:

And while these are the choices, I have made for the equipment I use; they are also considered entry- to mid-quality devices that achieve reasonably good results.

Starting out in business content creation, I always recommend you start with affordable options to learn from and make mistakes with, much in the same way as you would learn to play an instrument.

As you get better and your needs and abilities increase, you can upgrade your equipment.

Lastly, with small business owners doing more content creation in-house, using the excuse, “I don’t have the right equipment”, is no longer a reason for not starting.

As I said earlier, you can start to create content to reach your clients or audience and position yourself as an authority in your industry simply by pressing record on your mobile phone.

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