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Given many of us spend so much time cooking in the kitchen, I thought it was only fitting, I would share my top recommendations for must have kitchen items for 2023.

In this replay reshared of my Live from Amazon, I share a dozen items which make great gift ideas for those who like cooking or baking.

The first item is simple but solves a problem in the kitchen which is breaking up minced meat.

A mince masher or meat chopper is a bladed utensil which makes light work of breaking apart minced or diced food items.

Perfect for minced meat like chicken, beef, lamb or pork and even ideal for separating shredded ham, diced bacon or even diced onion when frying it in a pan.

A meat chopper is a good cooking utensil to gift to the cook in your family or perhaps even gift one to yourself if you love to cook.

Another kitchen utensil solves a problem for people of all ages.

If like me you struggle to open jarred food products for the first time, then this clamping jar opener is an option for you.

This is particularly useful for those who suffer with arthritis or are perhaps a little frailer and lack the strength and grip needed to open a jar with their hands.

The adjustable stainless-steel clamp is placed over the top of a jar and pinched together while turning the handle at the top.

The leverage created allows the clamp to grip the lid making it a lot easier to turn and open a new jar.

It can take a little practice at first, but before long you get the hang of how it works and find opening jars will be a sinch.

For those who love to bake and who use brown sugar among your staple ingredients, then the next product solves a problem for you.

Brown sugar is known to clump together and dry out over short periods of time, making it difficult to work with when cooking.

If the sugar is dry, it becomes hard to measure and may lose some of its flavor, so keeping it moist is the best method to avoid the inconvenience.

The Prep Solutions Brown Sugar Keeper is a great solution to keeping brown sugar moist.

A terracotta ring is placed in water to absorb moisture and is then secured to the top of the sugar keeper by a rubber lug.

This simple design allows for brown sugar to stay moist longer and helps reduce it drying and clumping together.

A sugar storage container like this is a nice gift idea for people who love to bake and is why I recommend it as one of the must have kitchen items for 2023.

With this next item, it would make an ideal gift for those who love to barbecue or cook with a gas burner.

It is an USB Arc Lighter, which can be used to ignite gas or fires via an electrical spark (or arc) so to speak.

A 360-degree flexible head gives the lighter the ability to access hard to reach areas, it is relatively light weight and only takes a short time (about 20 minutes) to fully charge.

It has a small on/off switch which is a safety feature and a one button operation.

Not only can it be used to start fires or ignite gas burners, but it can also be used to light candles that have burned their way down into a candle holder.

This would be a good gift idea for anyone who loves camping too.

One item I have added throughout my home is the next must have kitchen item in my video review, the Star-Spangled Sensor Lights.

These lights are compact and come in packs with multiple lights and are perfect for placing in dim places and spaces in the kitchen and home.

They can be used just about anywhere you need to add some extra light, like closets, pantries, under sinks and vanities or perhaps in the laundry or outdoors in the shed or a storage cabinet.

They really cast lots of light and have a 3-M double adhesive tape on the back to help secure them to smooth surfaces.

Once affixed to somewhere you want to light, adding batteries is as easy as twisting and pulling the light to insert 3 x AAA type batteries (not included).

They come on when movement is detected and stay lit for about 20 seconds after the last motion was detected.

My next item reviewed in the video and I recommend is some Eco-Fused micro-fiber cleaning cloths.

These make a useful gift idea for those who need to clean glass, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces, 2-pac cupboards and shiny appliances and surfaces where finger prints are a problem.

Cleaning cloths in any kitchen is a must, but micro-fiber is a must have.

Of course, they are also useful for cleaning other items like cameras, glasses, crystal and ornaments as well.

Now talk about reinventing the wheel, Joseph Joseph developed a foldable chopping board.

Who’d have thought a chopping board could be made better, well the Chop2Pot is a unique foldable chopping board with silicon grip, making it useful for cooking.

If you are looking for an unusual gift idea for the cook in your family, this may well be it.

It helps you direct the items you cut into a pot or container to reduce the mess and fuss around cutting and adding ingredients when cooking.

The Chop2Pot comes in different colors and sizes, so it suits most kitchen decor and needs.

Sharpening knives should be a simple task, and nothing makes it easier than a 2-step knife sharpener.

There are a lot of knife sharpeners on the market, but the Smith’s Knife Sharpener is a tried and tested product.

Founded in 1868 this company has been in for a long time and this product has withstood the test of time.

It has metal carbide and ceramic honing slots to easily sharpen knives of various shapes and sizes.

Its beveled edge helps keep fingers away and it also floats making it good for adding to a fishing tackle box.

It is the first of two knife sharpeners I recommend is a must have kitchen item for 2023.

The second is the Sharpal 6-in-1 knife sharpener.

Talk about improving on a product, this knife sharpener would be something any scout would no doubt add to their camping kit.

But as well as having a nice rubber grip, it includes the traditional 2 slot knife slots of metal carbide and ceramic, but adds a honing rod.

Concealed in the sharpener is also a stick of flint, which can be used to strike a fire and add an emergency whistle and you really have something more than a knife sharpener.

This is definitely one of my key kitchen item suggestions for 2023, but is also a great gift idea for someone who loves camping or fishing.

Another item which is much less about the kitchen and more about convenience when eating is the Ka-bar spork knife.

This plastic knife makes a perfect solution to take away food, when you prefer not to eat with the wooden utensils being offered by many food outlets today.

A serrated edge makes this item a good idea for the toughest of meats.

But if it looks a little too much for you, but you still want some utensils that can be used for both kitchen or takeout, then take a look at this travel utensil kit.

It comes with knife, spoon, fork, straight and bent straws, chops sticks and a straw cleaner which can all be placed in the travel bag when out and about.

Made of a solid stainless-steel construction, they come in a variety of colors to match your flava and personality when on the go.

And for those looking to charcoal grill the must have barbecue gift idea may well be a BBQ blower.

These are used to deliver air to a flame to help add oxygen and therefore help improve ignition.

You can get them in either a hand cranked or electric version, and they make light work of a tough task.

Speaking of making light work of tough tasks, this next must have kitchen item is a Mandoline.

A basic vegetable chopper that slices and dices with ease.

Packed with a number of attachments it makes a nice addition to any kitchen or a gift for the vegan in your family.

And while on the topic of vegan, how about a Nutribullet Go?

This portable battery powered blender with cup and lid is perfect for any kitchen for people on the go.

Mix a smoothie or shake and be on your way, a perfect gift idea for the health conscious in 2023.

These next items may feel out of place in a kitchen must haves, but I did promise some unique ideas in this one.

How about a Dymo Letratag Label Maker?

Label makers are a must have in the home and are a great idea for labelling containers, cupboards and canisters to help you find what’s what and where.

Here I demonstrate and talk about the handheld model LT-100H and the table top model LT-100T and point out some key differences.

So, there you have it, my suggestion of must have kitchen items for 2023.

I think many of these would make an awesome gift for someone who has everything.

After all, who doesn’t need to cook or prepare food at some point in their life?

Products in the video…

  1. Mince Masher Meat Chopper
  2. Stainless Steel Jar Opener
  3. Prep Solutions by Progressive Brown Sugar Keeper
  4. USB Arc Lighter
  5. Star-Spangled Sensor Lights
  6. Eco Fused Micro Fiber Cloths
  7. Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot
  8. Smith’s 2 Step Knife Sharpener
  9. Sharpal 6 in 1 Knife Sharpener
  10. Kabar Spork Knife
  11. Stainless Steel Travel Utensil Set
  12. BBQ Blowers (Hand Cranked / Electric)
  13. Vegetable Chopper Mandoline
  14. Nutribullet Go Portable Blender

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