How to Prevent Memory Loss

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Dave Norris is a man on a mission, with a hyper focus on tackling preventable memory loss head on.

In this episode Dave talks about the importance of diet and exercise as we age, to improve memory health outcomes.

In his 15 year plus career Dave has provided Occupational Therapy within Community, Rehabilitation and Aged Care sector.

Working with clients primarily over the age of 45 he sees the impacts memory loss has as we age. Much of what he sees is preventable.

Dave Norris hosts his own podcast, “Memory Health Made Easy” to provide everyone with the education on the issue.

His focus is to work with and educate people to optimise strengths for maximum performance.

His primary interests are in Memory Health, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Dementia and Ageing.

Dave helps people maximise independence through rehabilitation, equipment technology, lifestyle modification and robotics!

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