I Got Scammed on Facebook! How did it happen?

I Got Scammed on Facebook
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I got scammed on Facebook; here’s how it happened:

I share what the Facebook scam is, the threat I downloaded, the fallout after falling victim, and my advice to avoid the same happening to you.

I also explain the threat: Redline Stealer and how it has also impacted YouTube content creators who have had their accounts stolen as well.

One of the best defenses against scams that depend on social engineering and behavior to trap victims is to expose their processes and share them with others to help them avoid the same fate.

The scam I got caught up in was fake Facebook Ads being run from Stolen Facebook pages that had their names changed.

Once your main account is stolen, the cybercriminals hijack your business pages and start using the linked ad accounts to distribute more malware and run more ads.

The primary goal of the hackers seems to be scraping browser data for future sale on the dark web, as well as creating fraudulent ads to have people part with money with no goods in return.

I demonstrate in the video how impossible it is to recover the accounts and how Facebook fails to be able to provide any actionable support to aid in recovery.

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