How to Test Titles for Emotional Value (EMV)

How to Test Titles for Emotional Value Coach Craig Rowe
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Ever wonder how to test titles for emotional and psychological impact? Here I share tips marketers and copywriters don’t want you to know.

Words have the ability to impact us in positive and negative ways, and great titles often achieve this at a subconscious level. But how?

In this video, I demonstrate a simple AI tool to help you understand the hidden approach to writing emotive titles and how to leverage human psychology behind headlines.

The ability of positive and negative words to influence us and our thinking at a subconscious level is something that has been observed by psychologists and advertisers/marketers for long periods of time.

Certain words are said to trigger emotional responses in our brains, making us more likely to act on what we read and see.

These words are often referred to as powerful words and are usually connected to emotions.

How do you test your titles and headlines for Emotional value?

In this video, I demonstrate a tool that helps analyze headlines, titles, and topics for Emotional Marketing Value (EMV).

EMV is a tool marketers use to measure the potential impact copy may have on a reader across intellectual, empathetic, and spiritual spheres.

I also share in this YouTube video, where you can get your own copy of the Modern Media Makers Powerful Words document to help you improve your own titles and headlines.

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