How to Motivate Athletes in to Action

How to Motivate Athletes Coach Craig Rowe The Coach Approach
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This episode of the Coach Approach I share 3 core tips coaches and teachers may use to motivate athletes into action.

Using the same approach as marketers and politicians, coaches may use love or fear as tools to drive action.

I also deliver a bonus tip on the approach best known as “The Sandwich Method” when it comes to providing constructive criticism or when applying your coach’s critical eye when providing feedback to your basketball players

I am a 30-year veteran of the sport, a former player and lifelong coach, and I am passionate about coach education and helping you, help your athletes and basketball programs improve.


0:00 Coach Craig Rowe’s Introduction
0:51 What Motivates Us?
1:30 Praise
2:30 Punishment
3:55 Boundaries
4:40 Mistakes
5:20 Competition
7:50 The Sandwich Method

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