How to Make YouTube Content in Minutes with Invideo AI

Invideo AI text to video generator for YouTube
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There are many A.I. content creation tools on the market, and in this video, I share how to make YouTube content in minutes with this A.I. text-to-video generator.

Invideo AI is text-to-video creation software that takes your idea from a simple text prompt and develops it into either a long-form video or a short vertical video format for YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

A simple demonstration of the Invideo A.I. text-to-video generator at work

Invideo AI generates the script, sources and edits the b-roll, adds titles and text, and even adds a music bed.

You can advise it of the length you want the video to be and which platform you are creating for offering direction on the style and mood of the resulting production, along with the tempo and nature of the backing track you want.

Below is an example of the video which was output from my text prompts entered into the software used in the demo video above.

A.I. Text Prompt Suggestion

Create a video about the 5 main reasons content creators quit making content.

Here are the 5 points to cover:

  • They lose sight of their purpose.
  • They feel like they’re not making a difference.
  • They face criticism and negativity
  • They feel like they’re not good enough
  • They run out of ideas, get burned out, and lose motivation.

Direction: Create an encouraging video providing details on how to avoid these pitfalls use one narrative, fictional story line to deliver the key messages

Music: Inspirational, upbeat corporate type backing music, increase tempo when motivating, drop tempo when discussing pain points for content creators

For me, using A.I. Tools like Invideo AI idea-to-video software is a lazy way to create content.

As a content creator, I prefer to have more input, control, and skin in the game when it comes to planning, writing, filming, editing, and publishing video content.

While I personally would not use this A.I. prompt-to-video tool, I do think it has use cases for informational and explainer videos that do not require up to date statistics or other forms of data.

AI is not perfect at creating accurate information, and the software does give the user the ability to preview and edit the draft before publishing.

You can publish videos at various resolutions up to 4K, and you can remove watermarks with a paid premium subscription.

Should you choose to use AI video generation tools like Invideo AI always make sure to check the work and ensure its accuracy before publishing.

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