How To Learn Easily With Brain Friendly Training

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Laurie Kelly teaches trainers how to engage learners and shows people how to learn easily. In this People with a Passion episode Laurie shares some Brain Friendly Training tips.

Considered among the best master trainers in Australia, Laurie Kelly teaches registered training organisations (RTOs) how to engage learners. As a former school teacher, Laurie identified early the education system was failing some students.

Fast forward almost 4 decades Laurie is now a sought after consultant. He helps corporations with workplace education including mining and health industries, as well as trade and apprenticeship course providers (RTOs).

Laurie feels the education system is broken. He has spent his life trying to better understand how we learn. Doin so, he has travelled the world learning and developing techniques to arrive at a model of Brain Friendly Training. A former teacher Laurie knew with so many kids failing the system’s standards, there had to be a better way.

“We all learn differently”, Laurie said. Brain Friendly Training endeavours to unlock the behaviours and characteristics individuals gravitate to when trying to learn. He teaches teachers to apply practical approaches to aid in learning outcomes for students.

Laurie through his approaches helps us all better understand how we learn. This episode provides methods we can all apply to improve our own learning processes and outcomes.

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