How to Grow Your Audience and Get More Views on YouTube

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So, you want to know how to grow your audience and get more views on YouTube? The key to getting more views may not be what you think!

Here is the key to creating content that gets more views and will help you grow your audience on YouTube.

The best content creators, YouTubers, podcasters, and key people of influence already know the secret behind creating great content, but do you?

In this video, I help beginner content creators understand the key components or content creation secrets that go into creating content that gets more views and engagement.

Specifically, we discuss the role the audience plays in creating content that resonates.

Understanding your audience is one of many critical components to getting more views on social media platforms like YouTube.

Understanding their pain points, undertaking research, and examining their behavior will help you improve your content, which in turn will help you get more views.

Creating and understanding audience personas is also a key to growing your audience and identifying who your target audience actually is.

Once you know your audience personas, you can target your topics, titles, and presentations to them in an approach that will be more relevant to them.

Lastly, examining the analytics provided on the backend of many platforms will help you identify how your content resonates as people interact and engage with it.

These are all key aspects of creating content that resonates and leads to growing your audience and getting more views.

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