How To Deal With Change

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This Episode’s guest, Andrew Hackett talks about many strategies to deal with change.

Passionate about helping others change their lives for the better.

Sexually abused by a school teacher as a teenager, Andrew spent a 20 year journey to discover who he is and take control of his life.

His own transformation saw him recognising the patterns and behaviours required to deal with change, he shares some of his strategies from his book series, with our audience.

Andrew Hackett is the international best-selling Author of ‘Free from Fear’ and the ‘Fearless Series’.

For more than 20 years Andrew has been helping people think outside their limitations to move beyond their fears so they can start living a limitless life.

Andrew teaches us how to find a different perspective, to awaken us from our fear driven slumber.

0:00 Episode Teaser
2:15 Who is Andrew Hackett?
5:00 Fear, Choice and Change
8:30 Judgement and Ego
12:10 How to Deal with Change
20:55 Can Passion Be a Bad Thing?
25:00 Personal Truth
29:00 Rules, Expectations and Behaviours
32:10 Fear of Change
35:45 What Makes Someone Successful?
40:05 Andrew Hackett’s Master Class



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