Healing Hearts in a Broken America

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3:20 Leanne Shelton – Write Time Marketing
24:00 Joy Nicholson – Marketing Wizards Online
43:15 Dr Jim White, PhD – Billionaire and author of Broken America.
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This week we go International with guest self made billionaire Dr Jim White, PhD.

We discuss his new book, ‘Broken America’ – 10 guiding principles to restore America.

He talks about the principles of respect, tolernace, trust as well as the lack of leadership and vision in the US political landscape.

He delivers a strong narrative for the next generation.

A former Vietnam Veteran who rose from poverty could not sit idly by and watch the US political system crumble around him.

Copywriter, Leanne Shelton, joins us to talk about marketing, brand, podcasting and SEO.

And Joy Nicholson talk about breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering people through online business creation.

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