Having Faith Helps Overcome Adversity

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Jeremy Kendle knows having faith helps overcome adversity. A profession basketball player, he shares his story on how his faith has driven him forward to pursue happiness and overcome many hiccups in his life and sporting career.

Kendle discovered his Christian faith in his teens. And many others told him he would never be a professional basketball player. Unprepared to listen to naysayers he continued to pursue a professional career driven by a deep faith in Christ.

Not only has he played in Australia’s National Basketball League for the Brisbane Bullets and Sydney Kings, he also won MVP awards in both the Queensland Basketball League and SEABL regional competitions. Other playing stints have included the New Zealand NBL. Jeremy is also the coaching director of Hoops for Christ Australia.

Kendle has overcome multiple injuries including a recent ACL tear but despite the adversity he continues to be driven by his faith and belief that God does not throw anything his way he cannot handle. Now settled in Brisbane, Australia, Jeremy has just become a father to twins with wife Nadia. He continues to work with the Brisbane Bullets, Redland Basketball, Hoops for Christ and his own Jeremy Kendle Basketball business. Jeremy knows having faith helps overcome adversity.

In 2020 Jeremy has been working towards returning to the Brisbane Bullets and was appointed South West Metro Pirates Head Coach for 2020 in the NBL1 competition.

Jeremy Kendle | Having faith helps overcome adversity!
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