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Jake Thompson lives his brand – “Compete Every Day” .

He is the host of the podcast and author of the book of the same name. 

This episode Jake Thompson shares the seven key choices leaders make in order to enhance their focus, increase their levels of success, and win in work and life. 

0:00 Episode Teaser
2:00 Why? “Compete Every Day”
4:05 What Competing Actually Means
6:00 Recognizing Opportunity
9:00 The Competitive Mindset
13:40 The Four “trepreneur” categories
18:35 A Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary V) Perspective
19:45 The 7 Choices Leaders Make
23:45 The Non-Competitive Competitor
27:30 How to Pursue Your Passion  

From a young age, Jake found himself in various sporting arena always competing against his opponents to try to be better than them.  

After leaving his studies and pursuing a career in marketing, Jake started to pivot his competitive approach.

He soon realized if he focused on improving himself, he would always be considered a winner. 

This episode host Craig Rowe and guest Jake Thompson discuss what it means to be a “winner”. 

They talk about success and perspective as well as passion and persistence.  

Jake is a huge believer in focusing on the process. 

A sought after corporate and keynote speaker, Jake shares his decade long pursuit of why it is important to “Compete Every Day”! 

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