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In this episode, I share with you three core concepts that all those coaching youth sports should know.

My name is Coach Rowe and welcome to this, the very first episode of The Coach Approach.

If this is your first time here, I want to let you know, I’m a coach with over 30 years’ experience in the sport, not only as a player, but also as a coach and coach educator helping many coaches and Phys-ed teachers attain their coaching accreditation here in Australia.

I’ve coached thousands upon thousands of athletes over the last 3 decades in any number of programs working with everything from 4-year old’s right through to senior men’s and women’s representative teams and also with state programs as well.

Given my love for helping others learn I feel it was appropriate to start a podcast and YouTube series to share with you my own approaches which have served me well across a coaching career spanning 3 decades.

In coming episodes, I will share downloadable tools to help you help your athletes and programs improve.

I’ll also end this video by telling you a little bit of information about how you can get some free coaching resources from our website.

So, watch or listen right through to find out more.

Coach Craig Rowe – The Coach Approach Episode 1


0:009 Coach Craig Rowe’s Introduction
1:31 Teach the Fundamentals
2:00 Body Movement Fundamentals
3:05 Winning – What’s Important Now?
4:23 Seek Better Ways
6:45 Coach Players Not Just Plays
7:36 How Players Learn
8:23 Observe Your Athletes
10:54 Coaching Resource Library

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