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Children’s author and speaker, Jenny Woolsey

Children’s Author Jenny Woolsey shares her story of being born with a facial difference. Speaking of her struggles growing up and her motivation to help others embrace life and difference.

Her message…

Be Wierdly Wonderful

Author Jenny Woolsey

Jenny has always looked for the best in the world despite its cruelty at times. Bullied as a child In her words: “from the day she was born”. Her parents were told “not to take her out into the world” due to her craniofacial difference.

Growing up in school was torture for Jenny. At a young age surgery offered some hope of “normalcy”, it took multiple operations to counter her genetically created appearance. The first candidate of a cranio-facial operation in Queensland at age 9, the operation was not without complications. The surgery resulted in Jenny losing much of her sight, making her legally blind.

Today Jenny has turned her adversity into strength, sharing her story with schools and those born with a physical difference. She shares her story to help everyone better understand how the world is experienced but someone who was born to stand out.

Jenny is now and author of multiple children’s books, a public speaker and an advocate of embracing difference. Jenny is an amazing and resilient individual who turned her greatest adversity into a positive passion.

This is an empowering interview. It teaches how important it is to find friends and community who love us for who we are, not what we look like.

Jenny Woolsey is all about embracing life and difference.
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