The Biggest Mistake Youth Coaches Make

Mistakes Beginner Coaches Make Coach Craig Rowe The Coach Approach
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Coaching can always be a challenge so I wanted to share the biggest mistake youth coaches make starting out.

The coach approach helps beginner coaches and teachers with tips and tools to help them help their athletes.

Today I will share what may well be the biggest mistake many youth basketball coaches make, particularly when starting out.

I have over 30 years coaching and 25+ years playing experience. I love to share tips to help beginner coaches hit the ground running.

As a coaching educator, I have helped 1000s of coaches and teachers attain their club coach accreditation in Australia and my YouTube helps thousands of coaches and teachers daily with content being shared across the globe.


Coach Craig Rowe’s Introduction
The Biggest Mistake
What Separates Teaching
The Coaches Eye
Feedback is Important
Points of Emphasis
Muscle Memory
Drilling vs Teaching – Understand the Difference
Coach Rowe on Clubhouse


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Disclaimer: Basketball, like many sports, may result in serious injury or even death. Drills and ideas contained in OzSwoosh videos are demonstrations only.

Coaches and players re-enacting the drills, or following advice, do so at their own risk. Children should always play under the supervision of a responsible adult.

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