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In this episode of People with a Passion, Comedian Michael Bennett delivers a strong message, “Be You! Believe In Yourself!”

As is an inspirational comedian, Bennett travels the oceans on cruise liners, entertaining adults and children with his stand up. Michael says he always wants to leave audiences with a “WOW” moment!

Comedian Michael Bennet guests on our YouTube Channel

What makes Michael Bennett;s comedy different is he is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Bennett has learned to apply the power of words and how to use them along with humour, balloons and magic to inspire young and old into positive thoughts and actions.

Bennett jokingly says he deals in drug! Those drugs serotonin and dopamine and he understand the true power of laughter and is passionate to bring a smile to every face where ever he goes. In this interview he explains why laughter and being happy are so important and discusses the power of words to inspire and have people believe in themselves.

As a bonus Bennett plays his Native American Indian Flute and makes us a People with a Passion balloon figure.

Michael Bennett | Happy is important!
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