Art Therapy Helps Manage Depression

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Jacob Lee Welch uses art to manage depression.

If you love manga, anime and pop culture artwork, this episode is for you. Jake Lee studied the best and shares how art therapy helps manage depression.

Jacob Lee Welch is an artist and hats and shoes are his canvas and manga and anime his passion. Inspired by Alita, Akira and other Japanese art, Jake visited Japanese art studios including manga houses and anime houses.

Star Wars and Marvel Movies also inspire him. In this episode Jake shows some samples of his 3d artwork on shoes and hats. Shares his creative process and talks about how using art therapy has helped him overcome depression.

Jake explains “you can’t create something in an instant” and success is built on failure after failure. Jacob works when everyone else sleeps.

Jake says it is deep work and constant failures that keeps him driven in his day to day. An inspirational story of a former school teacher and minister who has rediscovered the best parts of who he is.

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