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Tim Rumble is as True Blue as they come!

Tim Rumble is as “True Blue” as you can get and shares how he began his 4 wheel drive outback adventure YouTube channel – True Blue Overland.

The rugged interior of Australia is not for the faint hearted. Exploring national parks from South East Queensland to, it’s islands and Australia’s farthest point in Cape York. This is an awesome passion, with some funny and exciting mishaps and stories shared along the way.

True Blue Overland have a motto… less is more. A minimalist approach to going off road in the Australian bush. Filming his trips and posting them on YouTube, Tim loves to share the beautiful landscapes Australia has to offer.

His adventures bring stories of passion, hobbies, mishaps and mayhem, some of which he shares in our candid interview. This episode also includes topics of drones, astrophotography, UFOs, Pyramids, Australian history and looking after the environment.

If you love anything 4 wheel drive you are going to enjoy this episdoe of People with a Passion.

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