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Garnet Thompson author of 2020 vision goals.

Garnet Thompson is the author of 2020 Vision Dreams, an inspiring book around setting and achieving goals or dreams.

Growing up Garnet was raised by a village, a Jamaican by birth his mum left for Canada for a better life. Garnet was left with his grandparents, who later followed their daughter to Canada.

They left Garnet behind, but always knew they would send for him. Raised by other family members and a church minister, Garnet learned many important lessons. He always kept a notebook outlining his dreams and aspirations for his future.

Fast forward a couple of decades, mentoring his own children Garnet shared a secret to his success. The process of making a list of dreams. On holidays and looking for things to do, Garnet inspired his own children to write their own list of 100 dreams.

They then set out to achieve some of those dreams on their break. Motivated by the change in state and personal growth of his children who gained confidence by achieving goals. Garnet realised the power such a process has for youth today. He embarked on a journey to right a book which also served as a user guide to creating a list of 100 dreams.

The book is available through his website and on amazon and at several major book retailers. This episode discusses some aspects of his book and motivation for writing it.

Garnet Thompson and his list of 100 dreams.
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